Monday, September 20, 2010

NewfStock 2010: Wrap-Up

What a weekend! NewfStock 2010 was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us -- the day brought in over $20,000 and generated much revenue for area businesses as well.

All of the activities on each of the three days were well attended - and the main event on Saturday was extraordinary. There were about 100 Newfs in attendance, plus 50 or more dogs of other breeds, and several hundred people. Millennium Park was bursting at the seams with Gentle Giants, and the Newf community really did us proud by showing what phenomenal dogs these are. Our phone has been ringing off the hook today congratulating us on a successful event, and everyone is commenting on how WONDERFUL Newfies are, how gentle and sweet natured they are and of course, how much they drool!

Bancroft was a flurry of activity with Newf lovers out and about shopping and taking in the area sights on the days leading up to and following the main event. Starting on Wednesday we were hearing reports of sightings of large groups of Newfs cruising around town turning heads and creating a real bustle. Bancroft welcomed them with friendly smiles and there were lots of pats on the head and belly rubs for all of the Newfs in attendance.

A few highlights of the day included awards for the following categories:
Oldest Newf Award: Hannibal's Christmas Belle, 12 years, 9 months old.
Person who brought in the most pledges: Sandy Mulheren of New Jersey with over $2000 in pledges. Thank you Sandy and Vanessa, you two are great!
Anne McNamara of Sudbury was a very close second with her pledge collections, thanks a million for all you do Anne, and your awesome hubby Paul!
Thank you to everyone who collected and donated pledges, every dollar helps and will make a difference in the life of a Newf in need.
Pictured here is Vanessa walking Nanook and Sandy walking Pooka at the end of the parade.

Person who traveled the farthest to attend: Christine Hutton from England. Thanks Chris for bringing raffle items from the Newf Rescue division across the pond. Other people who travelled a great distance were EmmieLou and her Husband Ron from Florida; I heard there was someone who flew in from Alaska; 'Nessa and Sandy from New Jersey; Sylvia and Mary from Connecticut; Kim and Yvan came in from Quebec; and of course Chumley and his peeps from Pennsylvania.

The live auction of original pieces of Newf themed art was a big hit. Successful bidders left the event with stunning one of a kind pieces of art. Thank you once again to all of the artists who donated pieces for the auction: Elizabeth Quandt, Susan Davies, Barb Dickson, Barbara Westfall, Annamarie Johnson, Cindy Williams, Jim Rodgers, Sandra Nicholson, Melody Hill, Bruce Warden, Rita Lo, Nancy Gasser. Thanks also to Mac and Mo McKinnon for donating a beautiful stained glass piece for auction as well as Fetch & Throws for donating a custom throw for auction.

HART's amazing All Breed Dog Show was also a big hit, and their huge Growlers for a Grand raffle was a great success. The winners of the draw were:
Ruth Anne McIlmayl Pickering, On 1st prize $1000.00
D King L'Amable, On 2nd prize $300.00
Francis Melly Oshawa, On 3rd prize $200.00
Congratulations winners!

The list of people to thank is tremendous:

Thank you to HART, our parent organization, for all you do.

Thanks to all of the participants who collected pledges, our donors and sponsors, and supporters who came out and made this day what it was.

Newf Head cake donated by volunteers from SOS Newf Rescue in Quebec.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to pull this event together. This event took months of planning and preparation, countless hours of volunteer time, and a lot of hard work. Our core group of Newf Friends volunteers and their spouses, friends and family helped out at our event, donated raffle items, raised funds, and worked so hard to make this event a great day. Thank you Kaila, Allison, Jen, Anne, Paul, Celine, Susan, Erica, Sharon, Patti, Jim R., Jillian, Ben, Sandy, Jeff, Tina, Peter, Mac, Moe, Kim, Yvan, Zeljka, Bruce, Bryson, Joanna, Wayne, Raph, Scott, Steve, Jim D, Louise, Glenn, Mike and HART's hardworking group Beryl & Herbie, Dorothy, Linda, Dave, Brenda,Lianna, Ayden, Kyla, Anna,Velma,Marilyn, Wanda, Marlaina,Deb L.,Deb T.,Deb M.,Lynn, Moryah, Raven,Heather,Ben & Elfie, John, Judy, Carol B, Kim C., Joan C, Dave N., Susan, Cindy.

Demos and seminars were offered by the following volunteers:

Sylvia Delson and Mary Bylone who came up from Connecticut and offered Pampered Pooch Nail Clipping and Ears

Jillian Pinder and Maayan Kasimov - from Toronto - Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy Booth

Paul McGee from Sudbury, our Auctioneer

Joan Fisher and Judi Walton - from Ottawa - grooming demo and carting demo

Much thanks to Henry Christiansen, Ross Jackson, Drew Hosick, Steven Griffin, and the Bancroft Photography Club for doing our photo shoots. Photos from the shoot will be featured in the 2012 calendar and will be available online for purchase in coming weeks.
A big round of applause to the musicians Donna Leclair and Friends as well as Mike Leveck and Tara Band for donating their time to provide entertainment throughout the day, keeping everyone's toes tapping. All of the music was fantastic and a perfect backdrop for the day.

Our MCs Jim Eadie and Steve Scally both did a fabulous job of running the day and keeping everyone entertained. Thanks to both of you!

Thanks to everyone who helped out at HART's main booth, including:
Meryl Hall - face painting

Sparky the pig

Jenn Bishop ,"Inner Wolf Canine Services" Bancroft

And the Vendors:

Heather King, "The Mutt Hut" from Wilberforce
Anna Simard/Artist, Apsley Hand Wrought Silver Jewellery and "Doggie Bling"
Levi Caya/Artist, Apsley "Wood Spirit Carver"
Greg Wood/Artist, Apsley "Petroglyphs Carved in Stone"
Chris Gillick, "A Cut Above"/Maple Leaf, baked HART's "pupcake"

Thanks also to the Town of Bancroft for the use of beautiful Millennium Park; area camp grounds where many of the attendees stayed; and of course to the Sword Motor Inn for welcoming close to 100 Newfs with open arms.

So many people and businesses donated goods for the raffle. Thank you, each of you. Some of the businesses that helped out:

Grand Design - handled online registration, online pledges and more

Pinderama Design - creation of our banner/promotional material; donated toys

Three Pound Universe - posters and calendar layout

Ferghus & Company - donating all of the free gifts for every rescue dog that comes to NewfStock!

Jeannie's Pooch Parlor - in Greenville, Ohio has donated DVDs on how to groom your Newfoundland. These were available for purchase at the event, and will be part of our online sale pages. We will also be giving a copy to Newf adopters as part of their adoption package thanks to Jeannie's generosity.

Big Bang Direct Impact in Markham for coming through for us at the last minute with an important print job. Thank you!

West Wind Gallery & Gifts, Bancroft, ON - for their donation of raffle items and prizes.

The Leprechaun - Sudbury, Ontario - for their donation of raffle items and prizes

March Road Pet Food & Grooming 1112 March Rd. Kanata ON K2W 1B9 for their generous prize donations.

Canadian Tire - Sudbury, ON - for their donation of paper products and more

Global Pet Foods - 600 Grandview Street South, Oshawa, ON L1H 8P4 (905) 245-0247 for their donation of raffle items

It takes a team to run a rescue, and Newf Friends has a phenomenal team. Well done everyone! You should be proud.

Thank you to each of you.
~ Sandra

Photo Albums of the weekend are being posted online by various attendees. Here are links to public albums with loads of pictures to see.

Friday Swim Date, by Vanessa

Main Event, by Vanessa
Sunday Hike and Swim, by Vanessa

Friday Swim, by Wayne A
Main Event, by Wayne A
Sunday Hike, by Wayne A
Sunday Swim, by Wayne A
NewfStock, by Beth

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Online Bidding closes in a few hours!!!!!


The Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue art auction is underway! Online bids are now being accepted!

The live auction will take place at NewfStock on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 2:30 pm at Millennium Park in Bancroft, Ontario. For those who are unable to attend the auction, bids can be placed online beforehand, up until September 16, 2010 at 5 pm EST.

Bids are placed by phone or email. An agent will bid on the floor at the live auction on behalf of email/phone bids. See below for all of the details about the online bidding process.

The pieces up for auction are all original pieces of art donated by artists from across North America. These one of a kind pieces will make treasured additions to any Newf lovers collection. Thank you to all of the talented artists who contributed to this project. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

To view image in larger size, click on it.

Lot # 1 - Winter Adventure
Medium: Watercolour

Size: Approximately 8.5 x 11 " Beautifully accented with a rustic pine frame with black matting. Framed size 19 x 21 "

About the artist: Elizabeth Quandt is a nature-lover currently studying wildlife biology at Paul Smith’s College in New York. She has been drawing all her life and just recently started to use watercolours, which has become her favourite color medium. She draws inspiration from familiar, north-eastern landscapes and her favourite animals (including wolves, ravens, and of course, Newfoundland dogs). Elizabeth has a Newfie named Hamish; both enjoy long walks in the nearby woods, especially during winter.


Lot # 2 - Robbie
Registered name Jolly Roger's Irish Hymn
Breeders: Roger and Barbara Frey
Registered owners: Jessie Marshall and Roger Frey
Born June 27/08

Medium: Acrylic

Size: Approximately 9" x 12" Complemented with white matting and neutral white and pewter frame. Framed size 16 x 19"

About the artist: Susan Davies says, "Since I met my first Newfoundland dog in 1969 I have been a lover of this breed. I have owned two black females and two male Landseers. Three years ago I decided to try painting and started with acrylic paintings of dogs for family and friends. I am a retired mortgage broker and a foster for rescued Newfoundland dogs, living on the Ottawa River in Dunrobin

Meet this artist at NewfStock!


Lot # 3 - Crozier
Medium: Coloured Pencil

Size: Approximately 10 x 8" Tastefully framed with white matting and sleek black frame. Framed 17 x 14"

About the artist: Barb Dickson is a retired Physiotherapist with a passion for art,especially animal portraits.She works in coloured pencil and pastels , from her home in Almonte, in the company of her own three boxers from Boxer Rescue Ontario.To see more of her work visit her web site BarbsPetPortraits

Lot # 4 - Portrait of a Newf
Medium: Charcoal

Size: Approximately 12 x 18' and comes framed in a sleek black frame with off white matting.

About the artist: Barbara Westfall says, "As a retired elementary schoolteacher I find that I now have the time to take up my lifelong love of life drawing. It was a pleasure to undertake this worthwhile project. Thanks to you and all Newf-Friends for the wonderful work that you do in support of these magnificent dogs.


Lot # 5 - Matilda
Dogs for the Paws pack member # 31. Matilda's journey and the hardship she endured is what prompted us to start Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog rescue. She now lives in Bancroft with her forever family and is an exceptional foster sister to all of the rescue dogs that come through her home.
Medium: Acrylic

Size: Approximately 9 x 12 " and beautifully framed in a rustic pine frame with black matting. Framed size is 19 x 21 "

About the artist: Annamarie (Missy) Johnson was born in Florida, raised in Ohio, where she graduated from college with a Fine Arts Degree. Upon graduation she moved to Charleston, S.C. where she began her career in the field of art.
Missy is passionately devoted to the rescue and relocation of animals in need. Her first involvement in this ongoing struggle, was with the North and South Carolina Basset Hound Rescue group. In 2009, October and November were designated Animal Rescue Months. Missy chose this time to begin her Dogs for the Paws project. This project involves Missy painting 80 portraits of animals, all rescued from shelters or rescue facilities across the country. Each portrait is accompanied by the story of the rescue, submitted by the family in the "forever" home, where this animal found love and peace. .
These portraits and the heart-warming stories are available online at Dogs For the Paws.
There is no money involved in this project. This is simply a way to call attention to the amazing work done by rescues and shelters. Hopefully, this project will cause people to visit rescues when considering adding a new loved one to their family.


Lot # 6 - The First Lesson
Medium: Acrylic

Size: Approximately 12 x 16" Framed in a rustic barn-board type frame measuring 15 x 20"

About the artist: Cindy Williams was born and raised in Saskatoon moved to the farm when she was 21 and has lived there ever since. Cindy has two grown children and has raised Newfoundlands under the "Pipeline" prefix since 1986. She says, "I took up painting occasionally when my mother passed away and left me her brushes, etc. "


Lot # 7 - Neptune on Duty
Medium: Ink on Bristol, and digital painted print

Size: This auction lot consists of 2 pieces -- the original ink sketch, as well as the digitally painted comic book page. Both pieces measure 11 x 17" and are framed in a sleek black frame.

About the artist: Jim Rodgers is a cartoonist living on a farm with his wife, 2 horses, five dogs, and several foster dogs. He is a freelance Illustrator who has worked in independent comics, film, toy design, and also assisted a large studio on projects for Top Cow Comics, Image Central, Dark Horse Comics, & Hasbro. He is currently working on an IP with Byron Jackson, the actor Max Ryan, and Fraser Townley of Plywood Films called Max Ryan: The Devilfish Project.Visit Jim's site 3 Pound Universe.

Meet this artist at NewfStock!
Jim will be drawing caricatures of dogs, be sure to have a sketch done of yours!


Lot # 8 - Reflection of a Newfoundland
Medium: Photograph - Photo taken in Bancroft, ON featuring Hannibal's Seas the Moment (call name Neptune)

Size: Printed on 18 x 24" canvas. Gallery wrapped, no frame needed

About the artist: Sandra Nicholson is an amateur photographer who's love of animals can be seen through her portraits of dogs, particularly rescue dogs. Living on a hobby farm in Bancroft with her husband, she is owner of a Gallery & Gift shop and spends her free time in the woods with her dogs. Her photography has been featured in Newf Rescue calendars for several years. Co-founder of Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue, Sandra is active in Newfoundland and all breed rescue.Visit Sandra's website.

Meet this artist at NewfStock
. Sandra will be photographing Newfs for the 2012 calendar - be sure to sign your Newf up for the photo-shoot.


Lot # 9 - Sampson
Sampson was adopted to a wonderful family through Newf Friends Rescue.
Medium: Oil

Size: Approximately 16 x 20" ready to frame

About the artist: Melody Hill was born in 1960, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She lived part of her childhood in Nova Scotia and then Ontario.
In 1978, she married Dave, also an artist, then settled in Quebec, where they raised their three children. She now resides in Pincourt, with her husband and two basset hounds. She creates art in many medias, with oil painting and photography as her main focus. She is also a skilled artisan in the fibre arts.
Melody Hill - 183 Thorncliffe Pincourt, Quebec 514-425-9721 J7V 5C8


Lot # 10 -Walk? Really?
Medium: Acrylic

Size: Approximately 16 x 20" No frame needed

About the artist Bruce Warden: Born in St.Catharines, art has played an important role in his life. Whether it be through music, drawing, sculpting or painting it has always been a way for him to visualize the undercurrent of life. On the surface, Bruce spends most of his time using food as his art in his career as a chef, which allows another dimension, the most functional and tasty, to his art.
Struggling to find his "place" in painting, Bruce has adopted a cartoonlike value to his work, no doubt, from countless Warner Brothers reruns, using vibrant colours and simple gesture lines with bold brush strokes. Currently Bruce is living in St.Catharines, painting in his "damp" basement studio working on two collections. "Silhouettes" and "The Farm". To contact Bruce to learn more about his art email at

Meet this artist at NewfStock!


Lot # 11 - Home
Featuring Remington

Size: Approximately 24” wide and 18” tall (before framing) and has been framed in red oak
Time to complete: approx 50 hrs
The panel contains 81pcs of glass and just over 1lb of solder
Glass: Wissmach, Chicago Art Glass, Kokomo
Design by Paned Expressions Studio (they were kind enough to reduce their design fee since the panel was being donated for rescue)

About the artist: Rita Lo has been doing stained glass as a hobby since 1996. She says "I currently work as a Business Analyst for a Marketing Agency. In my spare time, I am active in the local Newf Club working with my dogs in water rescue and carting. I am a big fan of the outdoors and my holidays are often spent trail riding on my 4 wheeler, hunting and fishing. In addition to stained glass work, my other hobbies include mosaics, ceramics, knitting and cross stitch. My husband Rick and I live in Milton Ontario with our two Newfoundlands - Remington (6 yrs) and Storm (1 yr). This panel is a combination of my love of stained glass and my love of Newfies."


Lot # 12 - Dalton
Medium: Watercolour

Size: Approximately 11 x 14 Tastefully framed with white matting with green and a neutral frame. Framed size 20 x 24"

About the artist: Nancy Gasser was born and raised in NW Indiana and currently living in St. Augustine, Florida with her husband, Bill and their two Newfoundlands, Emmy and Angus. She is a self-described amateur watercolour artist and student of Thomas Nader Pearrow. “From the first moment I put brush and paint to paper, I knew I would eventually find my way to painting Newfoundlands. Anyone, who is fortunate enough to be owned and loved by a Newf, can’t help being changed forever. They are healers of the soul, and captors of the heart. I am, and will always be, a very willing captive to these very special beings. A heartfelt thank you to owners Linda and Mark Larsen, for allowing me to paint your gorgeous boy, Dalton; to photographer Cissy Sullivan, for providing such inspired photos to reference; to Sandra, for all you do for our beloved Newfs, and to Tom, for having the patience and skill to teach this ‘old dog’ something new.”

Another piece has been donated for the auction -- this piece will not be featured in the calendar, but will be up for auction at Newf Stock and can be bid on during the online auction.

Lot # 13 - Polar Bear
Donated by Newf Friends supporters, this piece was, "Commissioned for us by Sue French of Perkinsfield, ON. The piece is a representation of our Newf "Polar Bear". It measures 16" long and 14 " high. It had taken Sue approximately two months to complete."


Also donated for our auction is a certificate for a custom throw featuring the image of choice of the winning bidder.

Lot # 14 - Custom Blanket
Certificate for a "Photo Throw" by Fetch & Throws featuring your choice of photo
Throw will measure 40x60
Fetch and Throws will create a personalized and beautifully detailed throw from your best photo.
Fetch & Throws photo blankets are designed to be used and washed. Your photo is woven into the blanket using different coloured heavyweight Amilux yarn - this is not a transfer process. They are machine washable and dryable on a cool setting and soft to sleep with. These blankets are guaranteed not to run, bleed or fade under normal conditions. Throws make a perfect holiday or birthday gift!


The legal stuff......

This auction is a multi-part sale. Bids will be accepted by or by phone (613-332-3797) up until 5pm EST Sept. 16,2010. Please state clearly the lot number, description and your HIGHEST BUY IT bids will be accepted. Please include your name, full mailing address and phone number.

The floor auction will take place on Sept 18, 2010.

An agent will bid on the floor for the e-mail and phone bidders in the following manner.

a) only the top two bidders on each lot will be considered
b) the onfloor bidding will start at $25 over the second highest e-mail/phone bid and that bid will be for the highest e-mail/phone bidder on that lot.
c) the agent will continue to bid if necessary until the e-mail/phone bidder is successful or their highest bid is passed by a floor bid...
d) A floor bid that matches the e-mail/phone bidder will go to the e-mail/phone bidder unless the floor bidder advances by one more bid
e) Only the agent and the auctioneer will know the amount of the e-mail/phone bids
f) If there are no e-mail/phone bids then the bidding on that lot will begin at the minimum bid as noted in the listings.
f) All bids are in increments of $25

Terms of Sale

1. All bids are per lot as described. The right is reserved to withdraw any lot prior to the sale.The auctioneer shall regulate the bidding on the floor. The auctioneer has the right to reject any bid. In the event of any dispute his decision shall be final.

2. The highest bidder shall prevail at one advance of $25 over the next highest bidder. Tie bids shall go to the e-mail/phone bidder unless advanced as above. There will be no buyer's premium added to the selling price.

3. Successful FLOOR BIDDERS must pick up their lots or arrange for delivery immediately after the sale. E-mail/phone bidders will receive notification if successful. Lots shall not sent/given to the buyer until payment has been received.

4. Shipping and handling are charged to the BUYER. Lots will be shipped by Xpresspost in Canada or Xpresspost USA to the USA.

5. Claims for errors in description must be made within 7 days after receipt. Any returns are at the buyer's expense.

6. All lots must be paid for by cash, certified cheque or bank draft in Canadian funds or via paypal.

7. The agent bidding for an e-mail/phone bidder WILL NOT go over their highest bid and will try to obtain the lot for less if possible.

8. The placement of a bid shall constitute acceptance of these terms of sale.